Principles of Moorland Management (PoMM)


At the Full Forum meeting in June 2014 it was agreed that The Principles of Moorland Management (published by the Forum in 2003) had not been as widely used as intended.  Simple, clear operational guidance would be extremely helpful and welcomed by land managers.

The process to develop the content of such guidance would involve sharing good practice events and engaging with practitioners.


The Project Plan, as agreed by the Forum, can be viewed here, but it is expected to evolve as the project progresses.


Guidance Groups

Worm control in Grouse - briefing available. Work in progress

Mountain Hare - Revised Briefing - 2nd November 2016

Heather Cutting - draft briefing available. Work in progress

Sheep Ticks & Disease Control - proposed

Snaring - proposed



Monday 30th November 2015


Notes from Meeting


Friday 19th September 2014


PoMM Proposal




Tim Baynes (SL&E) and Gemma Hopkinson (GWCT) have prepared a Summary of Existing Guidance.  Comments on omissions or amendments are welcomed.