Principles of Moorland Management (PoMM)

Guidance Documents


The aim of this project is to produce a range of guidance that provides practitioners, working in upland and moorland areas, with a source of information that reflects good practice and establishes a standard for accepted management techniques.

Information that is available elsewhere has not been duplicated, but a reference to it is included.

Completed guidance documents will be published on this page.  All the documents should be seen as representing evolving guidance and the aim is to review the documents at least annually so that they reflect the latest information, regulations and experience.

To produce this guidance members of the Forum, with input from others with specialist knowledge, have worked together to achieve consensus about the topics.  The publication of this guidance demonstrates that consensus can be achieved, even when there is a diverse range of views.  It is believed that the guidance provides more flexible and more effective approach to the alternative of additional regulation about the topics covered by the guidance.

Published Guidance                                                                          Links to Other Guidance


Heather Cutting


Supplementary Information No. 2

Management of Mountain Hare

Management Guidance

Mountain Hare Management Plan

for completion on a computer

for printing and completion by hand

Counting Guidance

Worm Control in Grouse


Supplementary Information No. 2

Peatland Restoration

Scottish Land & Estates Guidance

Wildcat Friendly Predator Control

Wildcat Action Control Guidance