The Muirburn Group of the Forum advises the Scottish Government on muirburn issues.  The Group includes members from outside the Forum and is thus uniquely placed to provide cross-sector advice on the full range of muirburn issues - from policy through best practice to burning techniques.

The Group is providing advice in three areas:

  • Licensing of out of season muirburn
  • The possible extension of the muirburn season into September (it currently runs from 1 October to 15 / 30 April)
  • A review of the Muirburn Code


Muirburn Group

A separate page is available to members of the Muirburn Group, which provides access to papers that cover the ongoing work of the Group.



Ignition Patterns Presentation by Michael Bruce, Firebreak Services Ltd

The Muirburn Code (rev August 2011)

Eurofire competency standards and training modules

2015 Wildfire Conference Presentations

Muirburn Code Review Workshops - February & March 2017 - flyer