A selection of current Briefings from members, presented or distributed for discussion at Forum meetings, or circulated to keep Forum members informed and up-to-date with what is being published, are available to view below.   Please note any information and third party links are shared for the purposes of debate and does not mean that the Forum endorses any of the views expressed. 


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Wading birds and a shared approach to wildlife management ~ NatureScot October 2020

Moorland vegetation responses following prescribed burning on blanket peat ~ S Whitehead & D Baines, 2018

Low-severity fire as a mechanism of organic matter protection in global peatlands: Thermal lateration slows decomposition ~ N E Flanagan, H Wang, S Winton & C J Richardson,  May 2020

Principles of Sustainable Game Management ~ GWCT September 2020

Badger Impacts on biodiversity and agriculture in Scotland: a literature review ~ Nature Scot Research Report No 1205

PhD Thesis: Understanding the social impact of participation in Driven Game Shooting in the UK ~ Tracey Latham-Green

What Impacts does Integrated Moorland Management, including Grouse Shooting, have on Moorland Communities? A Comparative Study ~Professor Simon Denny & Tracey Latham-Green

A Nature Recovery Plan - 11 transformative actions for nature in Scotland ~ RSPB Scotland, Scottish Wildlife Trust, WWF Scotland August 2020

Regional Land Use Partnerships Interim Report ~ Scottish Land Commission, July 2020

Peatland Restoration Fund Open for New Applications ~ Blog announcement by Cabinet Secretary Roseanna Cunningham

Tree planting in organic soils does not result in net carbon sequestration on decadal timescales ~ report published July 2020

Biodiversity, forestry and wood - An analysis of the biodiversity benefits of modern forestry and wood production - Confor, July 2020


The Forum has recently discussed peatland management issues and a number of reports have been brought to the Forum's attention:


Woodlands for climate and nature: a review of woodland planting and management approaches in the UK for climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation ~ RSPB March 2020

and Confor's response to the Report


Scotland's Moorland Forum Press release on Grouse Moor Management Report - 19 December 2019

Press release on Tick borne encephalitis from Moredun ~ November 2019

Borderlands Heads of Terms ~ November 2019

This document highlights Borderlands being a Natural Capital Innovation Zone (see paragraph 29)

Scottish Fire & Rescue Service: Consolidated Debrief Report (Knockando, Aberlour) ~ November 2019

Scottish Government's Draft Forestry Strategy 2019-2029 - overview and link to consultation paper.  Feedback required by 29th November 2018

National Trust for Scotland

The Relationship between prescribed burning and wildfires ~ Richard Luxmoore

SRUC LoraWan Project

Challenges and opportunities in Scottish hill farming ~ SRUC  November 2017

Managing wild land for people and wildlife ~ John Muir Trust 2017 (as mentioned in FF Minutes from 3 November 2017)

Identifying gaps in knowledge and understanding of sustainable deer management in Scotland - SRUC/UHI 2017

2016: Rural Scotland in Focus Report - SRUC November 2016

Section 1 focuses on changing land management in the agriculture, estate and woodland/forestry sectors.  The latter may help form some context in advance of some of the discussions to be held at the summer meeting.

The Complementary Role of Sheep in Upland and Hill Areas - NSA August 2016

Gift of Grouse
  - July 2016

National (SCARABBS) Bird Survey Liaison Protocol for Scotland - March 2016

Saut in Sheep - Information leaflet, SRUC June 2015

Saut in Sheep - Survey Forum, SRUC June 2015

Peatland ACTION - October 2014

Peatland Code - October 2014

Peatland Plan - October 2014

Langholm Moor Demonstration Project update - October 2014

The LMDP update briefing should be read in conjunction with the LMDP Report article originally published in The Heather Trust Annual Report 2014.

Scottish Borders Land Use Strategy Pilot update - October 2014

September Muirburn Trial - October 2014

Routes 2 Rural Employment, SCA - February 2014

Wildlife Estates Scotland- February 2014


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