Muirburn Group


Muirburn Code Review - Phase I

Critique Phase

The Report from this phase of the work was submitted in June 2014.  The report provided a critique of the existing Code and made recommendations of the review process to follow.

Report from the Critique Phase


Muirburn Code Review - Phase II

Steering Group Meeting - 25 Jan 2017, BASC, Trochry

Steering Group Meeting - 14 Dec 2016, BASC, Trochry

Final Project Plan

Steering Group Telecon - 13 May 2016

Steering Group Meeting - 15 March 2016

Steering Group Conference Call - 26 February 2016

Set-up meeting - 22 January 2016

Review Phase

An Invitation to Tender was issued to the Moorland Forum as the sole tenderer on 28 October 2015.  A draft response was prepared and discussed with a Planning Group on 10 December.  The response to the tender was submitted on 15 December 2015.

Notes from the discussion with the Planning Group 10 Dec 15